Recognising the need

Raising awareness for mental health, disability & chronic illness.

For so many, living with a chronic illness is a battle each and every day. Whether it is through challenges with mental health, chronic illness, or some form of disability, it is more than likely that you or someone you know has been affected. As such, the need is greater than ever for awareness of, and advocacy for, those living with mental health, chronic illness, or a disability.

2.65 million carers

Almost 2.65 million Australians care for someone with disability, a medical condition, mental illness or someone who is frail due to age.

4x more likely

32% of adults with a disability experience high or very high psychological distress compared with 8% of the population.

15% of society

15% of the world's population have some form of disability.

What we provide

At Life as a Battlefield we're committed to providing a voice to those living with mental health, chronic illness, or disability. Having first hand experience of living through the various aspects and challenges that each can bring.


In partnership with industry professionals, Life is a Battlefield shines a light on warriors battling to have a normal life.

We speak from first hand knowledge and experience to highlight where needs are, and how approaches and processes may need to be appropriately adjusted in order to accommodate the individuals we represent.

Linking Trusted Support

We help individuals find who to connect with to get the support services they need to help them thrive through life. Not only that, we only will recommend support services we have had first hand experience with and trust.

Whether its professional health services through to the basic support services, we have the connections to help us recommend and link you to the best help for your circumstances.

Public Speaking

Life is a Battlefield founder, Uli Kaplan, has an extraordinary life story of not only surviving but thriving with mental health, chronic illness, and disability. He openly shares about his triumphs and struggles.

What Uli brings is an honest perspective to what life is like when every day feels like a battlefield, raising awareness and understanding in the process. Enquire to look at booking Uli for a speaking engagement.

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