Life is a Battlefield

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Filmed over five years, ‘Life is a Battlefield’ shares the real story of feisty young adult Uli Kaplan, who faces everyday struggles with chronic illness, mental health issues and a disability.

Watch him find acceptance, purpose and success through this two hour insight into his life.Premiered on SBS on Saturday 4th December 2021.

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About us

Raising awareness for mental health, disability & chronic illness.

In partnership with industry professionals, Life is a Battlefield shines a light on warriors battling to have a normal life.

Lived experience is a powerful tool in public awareness & advocacy. We are on a mission to bring a voice to real stories of survival.

2.65 million carers

Almost 2.65 million Australians care for someone with disability, a medical condition, mental illness or someone who is frail due to age.

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4x more likely

32% of adults with a disability experience high or very high psychological distress compared with 8% of the population.

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15% of society

15% of the worlds population have some form of disability.

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